Aug 17 2011

Training for bar staff just got easier!

Coca-Cola has spent the last six months working with the hospitality industry to develop an app to assist bar staff. The app, called Formula, contains over 50 videos and 200 images in a simple user friendly interface allowing staff to quickly source practical information and training across all categories - beer, coffee, spirits and soft drinks.

“We spent a lot of time and invested significantly in this application because of the strong feedback we received from our customers, who told us that they wanted ‘zero brand paraphernalia’ practical training information delivered in a mobile, easy to understand format,” CCA managing director of the licensed division, John Murphy, said.

Some key features that the app can assist staff to do:

  • Change a keg and provides solutions to common beer pouring problems,
  • Make coffee professionally from start to finish, from tamping and dosing to putting the finishing touches on a macchiato,
  • Understand the major spirit categories, how to describe them and how to sell them,
  • Make consistent drinks every time by providing step by step instructions,
  • Understand the fundamentals of beer – how to talk about it, serve it correctly, what it tastes like and what food goes with it,
  • Show off your bar tricks to entertain your guests,
  • Fix tricky situations - when things go wrong with your coffee, beer or post-mix equipment,
  • Clean and maintain the important beverage serving equipment in your venue.

Formula will be available for iPhone on September 1st for $0.99, and is to be released on Android later this year.

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