Jul 25 2011

Is Seaweed the next superfood?

According to new research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, seaweed has a huge potential as a food source.

“The variety of macroalgae species and the environments in which they are found and their ease of cultivation make macroalgae a relatively untapped source of new bioactive compounds,” said Maria Hayes, one of the authors of the research. “More efforts are needed to fully exploit their potential for use and delivery to consumers in food products.”

When most people think seafood they are usually referring to fish, prawns, oysters and other shellfish. However, there are so many other varities of food sources available from our oceans that are being ignored - and seaweed is one of them. While seaweed has been typically ignored by Western countries, it has been an integral part of the diet for people who live in Asia, Pacific Islands including Hawaii, South America and Africa for thousands of years. With increasing concern and focus on our sushiplatehealth, seaweed is now being re-considered by Western populations for its nutritional qualities.
What's so good about Seaweed?

  • It has 26 times the calcium of milk,
  • Polynutrients in ocean vegetables help strengthen the immune system and keep the body resistant to illness and infection,
  • Overflowing with vitamin B, C, minerals and amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties, sea plants enhance resistance to allergies and other infection,
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

Australia has barely touched its seaweed food resources. Is it time we accepted this potential superfood as part of our diets?

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