Sep 29 2011

Is the salad better at Hungry Jacks?


Next month, Salad Stix, a cup made up of broccoli, carrot, celery and capsicum will be joining the menu at Hungry Jacks.

Nuritionist Catherine Saxelby (of said "It is a great idea to encourage people to replace fries but it is a shame it is more expensive. I'm not sure how many hungry young men will go for it ... maybe their girlfriends will."

Hungry Jack's chief Aaron McKie said the move was an Australian first. No other industry player has taken healthy alternatives to this level."

The healthy snack will be sold for $4.95 if purchased on its own or $2.50 as an addition to a value meal and comes with an optional hommus dip. You'll also have the option to swap out fries for salad stix for an extra $2.00.

"The company had been quietly reducing saturated fat, sodium and sugar in products. Our fries, for example, are now cooked in a canola-based oil blend which equates to a significant saturated fat reduction of 76 per cent. Our chicken range has also had its saturated fat content cut by 15 per cent," Mr McKie said.

It will be interesting to see whether or not salad stix will be a hit with whopper lovers. The question is would you pay $2 extra to exchange fries for salad stix?

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