Oct 08 2011

Something cool: Hot-Can

hotcandrinks   hotcansoups

Ever been in one of those situations where you're stuck in the middle of the bush and craving a nice hot soup or coffee? Well then you've got to check this out. Hot-Can, which have a range of drinks and soups, is a convenient ready-to-use and self heating product.

I bet you're wondering the same thing I did - is this thing safe or what? The can consists of two chambers with the heat generated in the inner chamber called the "heat engine" and the drink in the outer chamber. The two chambers ensure that the drink itself never comes into contact with the minerals used to generate the heat. The heat is caused when water is injected into calcium oxide (quicklime).

We had to pick them and give it a go when we saw them. While it might not match the quality of a freshly homemade soup or hot chocolate we thought they were pretty good and ideal for someone who is on the go. If you're interesting in checking it out for yourself, we picked them up from an IGA store. Let us know what you think of them.

Check out the video to see how it works:


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