Sep 12 2011

Sirena Tuna expands into ready-to-eat category

logo_sirenaSirena Tuna is set to expand into the ready-to-eat category with the launch of its "Sirena Tonno e Riso", meaning Tuna & Rice, meals.

"While the latest offering is a departure from the traditional canned-tuna experience, it still remains true to the brands 55 year old philosophy and passion for good food", said Brand Manager Simona Sbardella.

The range is a tasty, quick and convenient product combining tuna with rice and can be served hot or cold, is available in three delicious flavours -

Italian Salad: Traditional Italian tuna rice salad filled with delicious Sirena tuna, rice, peas and capsicum,
Puttanesca: Combination of tuna, tomato, olives and capers with a hint of chilli,
Spicy Tomato: Spicy chilli & tomato Italian-style sauce with tuna and rice.

Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

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