Oct 08 2011

The Evolution of the Menu Board

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While they haven't changed much over the years, menu boards have always been the vital link between customers and fast food businesses. However, the impact of digital technology is seeing Menu Boards evolving rapidly to become a vital part of a businesses marketing strategy rather than a simple information display.

According to a study conducted by Neilson Media Research, almost 70% of customers say in-store communications influence their decisions. Gone are the days of the old fashioned chalk board, or boring layouts with businesses seeing much higher success with menu boards full of bright colours and photos that make the customer hungry just looking at them. However, now digital technology is allowing businesses to create a much more effective and dynamic system to communicate with their customers allowing the use of rotating messages and eye catching videos.

The swing towards digital technology has mainly been caused by commercial flat screen monitors and TV's dropping dramatically in price in the last couple years making the cost of the transition much more appealing. Digital Menu Boards are set to see a massive growth in popularity primarily because they will enable businesses to be able to make changes to their menu's, update pricing, create specials and test new products or services at virtually no expense. Not only will digital menu boards see businesses save thousands in print expenses but what about the time it takes to physically change signage or price tags.

So if you're thinking of updating your menu boards or the signage in your business be sure to consider if switching to digital is worth the consideration.

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